Students are introduced to dance and movement by a team of professional dancers. They will be introduced to various genres of the art form. They will be given exposure to Indian folk dances and also national and international dance forms


Field trips that are content oriented will be planned on a yearly basis. Children of different age groups will be taken on educational field trips to neighbouring areas. They will not only visit such places, but will also do constructive follow up activities after the trip.


Eminent personalities from various fields will be invited to visit the school and address the students. These visits will add value to the educational process and help students aspire and learn from role models.


Students will be exposed to the idea of collaborative learning through common lessons. They will get to learn from their peer and also will learn to deal with healthy competition. Active learning is initiated in the process.


Every event of cultural, religious, social or emotional importance is addressed to in the special assembly. Apart from the regular parts of the daily assembly, special teachers’ talk, quiz, audio visual presentations etc. are organized on these days. This adds to the Culture Quotient and Social Quotient of the child.


Classes in the Pre Primary section have regular class presentations wherein the whole class is involved. Special topics are chosen so that children get an opportunity to present themselves in front of an audience. This builds their confidence and self esteem.


All our PTIs are planned with elaborate plans of theme based exhibitions. These exhibitions are organized so that parents can witness the performance of students with respect to curriculum. Live projects, plays, working models, role plays etc. are put up on display for parents and well wishers.


These interactions are meant for developing and maintaining a cordial relation with the parent body. Parents and teachers meet at regular intervals and discuss the progress of their wards. Parents get an opportunity to visit the school and check for themselves the academic developments of the school.


Students are encouraged to participate in inter house competitions, intra school and inter school competitions. All children are coaxed to participate so that they learn to experience success and failures. Healthy competition will add to their self esteem and social skills. Apart from these, students are exposed to national and international level competitions. In the higher grades, they participate in Homi Bhabha Young Scientists Awards, Mathematics Olympiad, Science Olympiads, Spell Bee Competitions etc.